6 Reasons Why Rekey Your Locks

why rekey your locks

George Pataki, the 53rd Governor of New York, said he believes that people who are safe in their homes have more freedom to pursue their dreams. We believe the same. With your home security in mind, we want to share 6 reasons to rekey your locks. When you discover the right times to rekey, you’ll be able to boost home security when it’s appropriate.

Rekeying beefs up security without the higher cost of lock replacement. Sometimes, lock replacement is necessary. However, in many cases, lock rekeying is enough to restore home security.

As part of an ongoing promotion of locksmith in Boca Raton rekey lock services, here’s our recommendation on why and when to rekey your locks.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Moved Into a New House or Condo

Rekey your locks when you move into a new house

After you move into a new house or condo, you should replace old keys with new ones. This means getting your home locks rekeyed. Your new home isn’t really yours until you’ve taken control of its locks.

Until you rekey, a lot of people may have access to your home, including contractors, previous owners and housekeepers. Whether you buy a brand-new home or a home which was previously occupied, you should know that rekeying is the only way to be totally sure that other people don’t have keys to your home which will open the door locks.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Lost Your Keys

Rekey your locks if you lost the key

Most of us lose or misplace our keys once in a while, or even more frequently. Few people escape this annoying problem altogether. If you’ve lost your house or condo keys, and an intensive research hasn’t yielded any results, you should consider having your locks rekeyed.

Sure, you can get another key made, but are you one hundred percent sure that the key you “lost” hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands? It’s always possible that someone stole your key. Rekeying is the smartest way to keep your home secure when you lose your keys.

Rekey Locks When Your Keys No Longer Work Well

Rekey locks if key doesn't work

Keys and door locks age, just like other products. This means that they won’t last forever. You may not realize that the teeth on your keys will get worn down as time passes. Your keys may also be subject to oxidation (rust).

Sometimes, keys get so damaged and/or rusty that they no longer open up door locks the way that they should.

If your key is worn out or damaged, it’s possible that your door locks are suffering from wear and tear as well. If you want accessibility which is effortless, consider re-keying or lock/key replacement.

A great locksmith will let you know which procedures are right for you. As a general rule of thumb, you should rekey your locks every five years.

Rekey Locks When Your Home Was Broken Into

Rekey your locks after a break in

This is a great time for rekeying and you shouldn’t wait long to re-key, either! Do it right away!

When you get your locks rekeyed after a break-in, you’ll help to prevent future break-ins. As well, you’ll feel more secure and comfortable at home. We understand that a home break-in generally triggers intense feelings of violation.

When you call a locksmith and this expert checks your locks and then rekeys them (or replaces them, if replacement is needed), you may find that beefing up home security helps you to put the sense of violation behind you. Also, people who may be watching your home will see the mobile locksmith van (and the locksmith at work!). This is good in terms of deterring crime.

At NewGen Locksmith, we understand that break-ins can be very traumatic. If you are a victim of this type of crime, we encourage you to connect with us today. When you do, we’ll look your locks over the suggest the right processes for improving home security.

We are rekeying and lock replacement specialists with years of experience.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Broken Up with a Partner

Rekey your locks after a breakup

If you’re going through a break-up, we’re sorry. It happens to the best of us. We’re sure that home security is not foremost on your mind right now, but maybe it should be. A partner may have lived with you or had a key to your place. If this person isn’t in your life anymore, you need to make sure that they can’t get back in with a key.

Rekeying will make getting into your home with an old key impossible. It’s a quick, simple and affordable way to put the past behind you and improve security at your home.

If it’s really and finally over between you and someone else, it’s time to rekey.

Rekey Locks When A Roommate Left the Premises

Rekey your locks when a roommate leaves

If you’re someone who rents out space in your home, you should know that rekeying when a tenant leaves will be the smartest thing that you can do. You’ll feel much safer when you know that the old tenant can’t use his or her key to get in. Even if the key was handed back to you on the day that the tenant moved out, he or she may be have copied it, even if that’s against your rules.

You cannot be too careful, so be sure to have your locks rekeyed as soon as a tenant leaves. It’s a great home security habit to get into.

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