Car Key Cutting Service

Professional car key cutting services can be an amazing lifesaver for you when you find yourself stuck out on the road, possibly in the middle of nowhere without having your key, and thereby having no access to your car.

  • We come to you! No need to tow your car to a dealer.
  • All prices are upfront, no surprises or hidden fees.
  • Transponder Keys & Keyfobs

Our locksmiths carry a wide variety of key blanks with them, making sure to be able to cut a car key for various types of vehicles. We can quickly cut the perfect car key to match your car ignition, on the spot within minutes, and get you out of trouble.

There are several approaches to cutting a car key. The first method is by removing the car door lock and reading the car key cuts from the actual wafers or pins inside the door lock. We then can cut the car key blank to correspond to those cut readings.

The second method for car key cutting is to extract a code from the VIN number. We have access to the dealer/manufacturer database holding the information of the key cuts, making it a much more simple process. This method however does require us to pay a fee to connect to the database, and is our least preferred method, to keep your costs lower.

The third method for us to cut a car key is by picking the ignition and getting the cuts from there. In some cases, the ignition switch has been replaced in the past, and the door lock cuts or the ones extracted through the VIN number don’t match the ignition. It’s the most time consuming and laborious method, however our expert locksmiths are capable of making a car key regardless of the difficulty.

How to Cut a Car Key?

We only use top of the line certified car key cutting machines such as the HPC Punch Machine. It may seem low-tech, however, this analog punch machine is the most precise car key cutting tool available. After we retrieved the cutting information for your car ignition keys, we then use designated guide cards that direct us exactly where to punch a notch in the key, to correspond with the pins/wafers in the ignition, to allow a smooth turning motion to activate your ignition switch.

Most cars on the market require a transponder key, which has a little radio frequency chip inside the casing that unlocks the car immobilizer system. Our locksmiths are capable of cutting transponder keys and programing them as well. Keyfobs are also available for selected models.

Why Do You Need Car Key Cutting Service?

Professional car key cutting service is a great help for when you find yourself lost without your car keys. Losing your car key is one of the worst situations you can be in as a car driver. Let’s face it, there are those “off” days when your mind just doesn’t seem to be in the right place. You go in and out of different rooms, forgetting every single time what it is that you wanted in the first place. You go shopping and you buy everything there is you possibly can, while forgetting the one main thing you went shopping for in the very first place. We all have those days and when they come they seem to last forever, our forgetfulness stretching on.

It is in times like these that people often lose their car keys or misplace them somewhere and then later forget about it. With no car keys, there is no way to access your car and get to driving. In some cases it may be a simple situation of you being at home and losing your keys. If that is the case, then it doesn’t cause a major inconvenience because you can call a cab or an Uber and easily get to wherever you want to, while putting off the task of getting car key cutting replacement for later.

When you’re get stuck without your car keys outside, it is a whole different kind of hassle you face. Losing your keys while you’re outside means that you will suddenly find yourself stuck in the middle of a place where it might be hard for you to get transportation from. In many cases you could be left stranded in a far off area, in the outskirts without access to your car.

Losing your car keys does not only mean that you can drive out of the place you now find yourself unfortunately stuck in. This also means that you can’t even unlock your car door to get inside so you can sit and wait inside your car. This leaves you stranded on the side of the road with no place to wait at till someone comes to your aid. It is times like these when a professional emergency car key cutting service can save your day.

So call now and get your car key replaced instantaneously with the professional car key cutting service right at your location.