Car Key Programming Service

Car manufacturers added a built-in immobilizer anti-theft system to their cars, meaning only a transponder key with a chip in it that is programmed to the car’s ECU (computer) will allow the ignition to start the car. If your car keys turn the ignition, but don’t start the car, the most common reason for this is that your car’s computer and transponder key chip lost sync. This may be due to a glitch in the system, a faulty key, or if the car battery died and the memory was lost. It’s an easy fix for all of the above, our professional car key programming service will synchronize the chip and get your ignition started easily.

Bought new car keys online and just need them programmed? Let’s make sure you got the right ones and send over one of our technicians to program your car keys to your vehicle.

Car key programing costs starts roughly around $99, depending if we have to extract a pincode from the dealer/manufacture database or not.

How Does Car Key Programming Work?

Some new car makes come with keys that have a radio frequency transponder chip built inside of them. The transponder chip is designed to communicate with a receiver that is built within the ignition slot of your car. The way this transponder chip works is that it sends signals to your car’s immobilizer system ring around the ignition switch, and when both signals match up with each other the car then starts up and is ready for you to drive.

This mechanism was created in a lot of modern cars so as to protect them against. If someone else ever tried to steal your car, they might just be able to break in through the door and access the car, but even then they will not be able to drive it or take it anywhere. It is a great security feature and definitely worth it when it comes to premium car protection.

So after we’ve cut a new car key, and it turns the ignition, our next step is to program the transponder chip to the immobilizer system. To simplify things, what we do is plug in a special computer into your vehicle, which is able to synchronize between the transponder chip inside the car key and your vehicle’s ECU unit (the car’s computer). Another method of programing a car key is by conducting a sequence of turning on and off the ignition switch which is also called on-board programing, which triggers the car’s computer to acknowledge and register a new transponder car key.

Why Did My Car Key Stop Working?

Like all technology, the transponder chip car key has its own set of drawbacks which it comes with. Naturally, like all electronic devices, sometimes the transponder chip inside of the key gets damaged or malfunctions and suddenly stops working. When this happens you are stuck, as your car will not start without receiving the proper correspondence with the transponder chip inside of your car key.

Sometimes the car key programming gets completely de-calibrated and the transponder chip in the key stops working altogether. In such a case, you will not even be able to open the doors or trunk of your car to be able to access it. Everything will remain shut unless you can get a replacement for your key.

These situations can be very stressful, which is why a professional car key programming person can come and easily reprogram your key for you. If programming attempts have failed, or if the key does not turn the ignition, you may require transponder car key cutting service as well.

To fix the transponder chip in your key and get a professional car key programming service, call now and avail the lightning fast service.