Transponder Car Keys Cutting Service

We offer 24/7 automotive locksmith services, so you’ll be able to get a new key no matter when you need it. Our emergency locksmiths are always on call. If your car requires transponder car keys you’ve come to the right place. Most car keys for autos manufactured after 1995 come with transponder chips. These chips disarm vehicle immobilizers whenever vehicle keys are inserted into the ignition in order to start the engine. If you need a new transponder car keys, we’ll be able to cut one for you.

Our automotive locksmiths are equipped with the most advanced transponder car keys cutting machines for most makes and models available on the road. Our local mobile locksmiths also carry a wide range of transponder car key blanks for various vehicles in stock in our vans due to high demand.

How Do We Cut A Transponder Car Keys

Similar to cutting a normal car key, we have several ways of cutting transponder car keys. The first method we use is by disassembling the door lock from the door, and reading a code in the cylinder which tells us how to cut the transponder key. The second method we use is by connecting to the dealer’s database to extract a code using the car’s VIN number. The third way would be to pick the ignition and read the code off of it.

There’s not much difference between cutting a car key and cutting a transponder key, the difference is in the key head. Inside the key head, or remote head, there is a radio frequency chip that receives a pulse of electricity when you put it in the ignition. The pulse is then sent back to the car’s computer (ECU) through the immobilizer, if the ECU recognizes the chip inside the key, it then unlocks the immobilizer. That’s why it’s called a transponder key. In order to get a vehicle recognize a transponder key, we need to program the transponder car key chip.

Programming transponder car keys is done by either plugging a computer into the vehicle to register a new chip, or by an on-board ignition switch series of action such as turning in on-off several times in a specific order. Think of it like a combo move from Mortal Kombat or Tekken, but with your car key.

Our locksmiths are flexible and work quickly around your schedule, so you won’t miss any part of your day. If you need new transponder car keys cut at home, office, or at a shopping plaza, give us a call, we’ll come right to you.

Transponder Car Keys Cutting Pricing

As a standard, all services including car key cutting prices are given upfront, before we start the work. Pricing generally starts at $165, depending on the make, model and the method we’re going to use to get the key code and programming code. Usually we have to inspect the condition of the door lock cylinders and the ignition switch to determine the preferred method of cutting new transponder car keys. After we evaluate the labor involved, we then will give you the total price, including programming, before we start the actual work.

Service Price
Transponder Car Keys Cutting $165&up

We’ve been in business for a long time. Our company thrives because we provide the ideal blend of caring customer service, competitive prices and quality services. We cover all of the bases for each and every customer. We don’t recommend hiring a company which lacks experience. Transponder key cutting requires specialized knowledge and experience. It’s a service that we provide seven days a week, to Pittsburgh residents from all walks of life.

If you want respectful service, affordable rates and excellent workmanship, we encourage you to book our transponder car keys cutting service today. We believe that you’ll be very happy with the service that you receive. Our transponder keys are guaranteed to work on all cars, and you should be able to drive your vehicle again like with the old one.

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