How To Find A Good Locksmith

How To Find A Good Locksmith

A good locksmith company is going to be a reputable and established enterprise. If you’re looking around for how to find a good locksmith company, our tips will be beneficial. We’re here to help you choose the right locksmith. We also want to make it easy for you to avoid the bad apples in the bunch, from inexperienced locksmith companies to outright scam operations.

When you follow our expert advice, you’ll be ready to select a locksmith company that offers superior service for affordable rates, without any hassles and headaches.

Avoid These Red Flags When Searching For a Locksmith

Experience is really the most important thing to look for. Locksmith companies should employ technicians who have extensive education, training and relevant work experience.

When locksmiths aren’t experienced, they tend to waste time, because they don’t know how to troubleshoot (problem-solve) effectively. When you’re being charged by the hour for a locksmith service, the time that an inexperienced locksmith wastes trying to figure out solutions to problems is going to cost you money.

Locksmiths who have a lot of experience have seen all lock-related problems before and resolved such problems in the past. They are efficient because they already know how to do all sorts of locksmith jobs. Also, they work on an array of lock brands and types, so they do skillful work, regardless of which lock brands and lock types they are working on.

Since experience matters most, we recommend avoiding companies that are new. While a new company may be good, how can you really tell? A new locksmith company won’t have the company history and impressive online reputation of an experienced and respected locksmith business.

Sometimes, new locksmith firms buy online ads which put them high up in Google searches. However, beyond these ads, which they usually pay a lot of money for, they don’t have much going for them. They don’t have experience to back up their costly ads and they don’t have reviews from happy customers.

To Good To Be True Locksmith Advertisements

These companies want to make a fast buck from customers. Quite often, these types of companies are not reputable. They aren’t good companies to hire. They typically lack the right staff (locksmiths with a lot of expertise and strong work ethics) and proper equipment. They may do shoddy work and then overcharge for it.

This is the reason why it’s important to look beyond Google ads or free ads, such as ads at Craigslist. It’s important to dig a little deeper by visiting a company’s official website and checking out its company background.

Also, we can’t over stress the importance of looking at customer reviews. Yelp is one popular platform for reviews of local businesses. Google also hosts customer reviews of local companies. Use these customer review platforms to find out what other people are saying about a locksmith company that you are interested in.

If you can’t find feedback for a company of this type, that’s another red flag. Move onto a company that is well-known and highly-rated.

Good locksmith companies will have experience, company names that are well-known and plenty of good reviews. Period.

Tips for Selecting the Right Locksmith

A company with more than fifteen years of experience will be a winner for your search on how to find a good locksmith. There are locksmith companies with this high level of experience. These companies stay in business because they really deliver for their customers.

Also, look for a company which is a full-service locksmith company. You should be able to get all locksmith services “under one roof”, including emergency locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, residential locksmith services and commercial locksmith services.

Any company that you choose should be able to:

  • Provide Lockout Services
  • Re-key locks
  • Re-program key fobs (and transponder keys)
  • Install, repair and maintain locks, deadbolts and keyless entry systems

The company should have well-equipped mobile locksmith vans.

Affordability is important, too, although the cheapest locksmith company isn’t always going to be the best deal. Your best defense against scammers is to request an estimate before you book with a locksmith company. Find out how much the job is going to cost before you commit to booking the service.

If you wish to do thorough comparison-shopping, gather a few estimates before making a final decision about which company to hire.

Another tip is to ask for credentials from a locksmith when he or she shows up. A locksmith who is aboveboard and honest will be happy to show you credentials (proof of employment with the locksmith company, government ID, etc.) before he or she begins to do locksmith work.

Lastly, request a detailed invoice when work is complete. You should have a formal record of what work was done, when it was performed and how much you’re being charged.

Call Us To Find a Good Locksmith Service

Now that you know how to find a trustworthy locksmith (and how to avoid locksmith companies which are likely to disappoint you), why not get in touch with our company today?

At Jumbo Locksmith, we have 16 years of experience. Our locksmiths troubleshoot with ease. If you need help with any type of locksmith job, we’ll send a talented and dedicated locksmith out to your location. We provide free estimates and we offer caring customer service. We have a strong and positive online reputation because we put our customers first.

To book a service or access a free estimate, please call or email today. You may also use the simple and convenient “Request a Quote” form at our website.

When to Replace a Door Lock

When a door lock functions as it should, it enhances home security. Now and then, door locks stop functioning as they should. When this happens, they need repairs or replacement.

Until faulty or damaged door locks are repaired or replaced, they won’t provide the level of security that they were designed to provide. Locks which are in disrepair may put you at risk and may put your loved ones at risk.

As well, these types of old and/or damaged locks may put your possessions at risk.

Naturally, locks which need replacement will also put your home at risk and your home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make.

In the USA, a home is broken into every thirteen seconds, based on 2015 figures from the FBI. A door lock which needs replacement will never be an effective first line of defense against intruders.

Today, we’d like to share information about when to replace a door lock. Our facts and hard tips will take the guesswork out of deciding when to replace a door lock at your home or commercial space.

Before we begin, we should mention that the cost of door lock replacement is typically very reasonable. It’s a minimal expense which may just stop a home break-in!

If you want to get the inside scoop on when to replace a door lock, read on…

Replace Rusted or Worn Locks

We recommend regular inspections of door locks. You should be checking them out for signs of wear and tear. Keep an eye out for rust or general damage from daily usage. When door locks get old and/or rusted, they are much easier to break into. They are also harder to open with legitimate keys.

If you see rust, tarnish or other visible problems, it’s quite possible that lock replacement is the smartest way to go. Another telltale sign is that you’re finding it difficult to get your lock open on chillier evenings.

Repairs may be enough, but replacement is usually the best way to access a functional lock which is easy for you to use and difficult for criminals to break into.

Replace Locks After a Break-in

If your home has been broken into and/or robbed, you will need to replace your door locks. The sooner you do it, the better. Do not wait!

When a criminal gains illegal entry to your home, the shady character will use force. The degree of force is great enough to damage a door lock. When a door lock is damaged, it makes it easier for other criminals to rob your home. Also, it sets the stage for lock malfunctions which may leave you out on the street (i.e. locked out of your own house or condo).

Replace Locks When Keys are Stolen or Lost

If you want your home to be as secure as possible, you should always replace the door locks when keys get stolen or lost. If you want a cheaper option than lock replacement, you should know that lock re-keying is a cost-effective way to improve security, without needing to pay for lock replacement.

If you need to replace or re-key, begin the process with outdoor areas. After the outward areas are secure via lock replacement or re-keying, do the inner areas.

If you’re one of those people who tends to lose your keys on a regular basis, you may find that investing in a combination door lock is wise. One example is the SmartCode combination door lock. Open it by putting a code into the lock and then enjoy keyless convenience. Typically, combination locks also include keyed locks, just for backup.

With a combination door lock, you’ll be able to change your combination, rather than needing to re-key or replace.

Replace Locks If You Get a New Roommate

Do you rent space out in your home? If so, replace the locks (or have them re-keyed) whenever your tenants change. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, as you’ll know that old keys will no longer open the locks. Sometimes, tenants copy keys even when they are not supposed to. The only way to make sure that your locks are as secure as possible is to replace locks or re-key locks.

Call Us for Locksmith Services

If you need to replace locks or want to talk about re-keying locks, just call or email our company today.

At Jumbo Locksmith, we provide affordable services and expert workmanship. Our company has been in business for 16 years and we have a strong and positive business reputation.

Don’t settle for less-experienced locksmith companies. Instead, get in touch with the very best.

6 Reasons Why Rekey Your Locks

why rekey your locks

George Pataki, the 53rd Governor of New York, said he believes that people who are safe in their homes have more freedom to pursue their dreams. We believe the same. With your home security in mind, we want to share 6 reasons to rekey your locks. When you discover the right times to rekey, you’ll be able to boost home security when it’s appropriate.

Rekeying beefs up security without the higher cost of lock replacement. Sometimes, lock replacement is necessary. However, in many cases, lock rekeying is enough to restore home security.

As part of an ongoing promotion of locksmith in Boca Raton rekey lock services, here’s our recommendation on why and when to rekey your locks.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Moved Into a New House or Condo

Rekey your locks when you move into a new house

After you move into a new house or condo, you should replace old keys with new ones. This means getting your home locks rekeyed. Your new home isn’t really yours until you’ve taken control of its locks.

Until you rekey, a lot of people may have access to your home, including contractors, previous owners and housekeepers. Whether you buy a brand-new home or a home which was previously occupied, you should know that rekeying is the only way to be totally sure that other people don’t have keys to your home which will open the door locks.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Lost Your Keys

Rekey your locks if you lost the key

Most of us lose or misplace our keys once in a while, or even more frequently. Few people escape this annoying problem altogether. If you’ve lost your house or condo keys, and an intensive research hasn’t yielded any results, you should consider having your locks rekeyed.

Sure, you can get another key made, but are you one hundred percent sure that the key you “lost” hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands? It’s always possible that someone stole your key. Rekeying is the smartest way to keep your home secure when you lose your keys.

Rekey Locks When Your Keys No Longer Work Well

Rekey locks if key doesn't work

Keys and door locks age, just like other products. This means that they won’t last forever. You may not realize that the teeth on your keys will get worn down as time passes. Your keys may also be subject to oxidation (rust).

Sometimes, keys get so damaged and/or rusty that they no longer open up door locks the way that they should.

If your key is worn out or damaged, it’s possible that your door locks are suffering from wear and tear as well. If you want accessibility which is effortless, consider re-keying or lock/key replacement.

A great locksmith will let you know which procedures are right for you. As a general rule of thumb, you should rekey your locks every five years.

Rekey Locks When Your Home Was Broken Into

Rekey your locks after a break in

This is a great time for rekeying and you shouldn’t wait long to re-key, either! Do it right away!

When you get your locks rekeyed after a break-in, you’ll help to prevent future break-ins. As well, you’ll feel more secure and comfortable at home. We understand that a home break-in generally triggers intense feelings of violation.

When you call a locksmith and this expert checks your locks and then rekeys them (or replaces them, if replacement is needed), you may find that beefing up home security helps you to put the sense of violation behind you. Also, people who may be watching your home will see the mobile locksmith van (and the locksmith at work!). This is good in terms of deterring crime.

At NewGen Locksmith, we understand that break-ins can be very traumatic. If you are a victim of this type of crime, we encourage you to connect with us today. When you do, we’ll look your locks over the suggest the right processes for improving home security.

We are rekeying and lock replacement specialists with years of experience.

Rekey Locks When You’ve Broken Up with a Partner

Rekey your locks after a breakup

If you’re going through a break-up, we’re sorry. It happens to the best of us. We’re sure that home security is not foremost on your mind right now, but maybe it should be. A partner may have lived with you or had a key to your place. If this person isn’t in your life anymore, you need to make sure that they can’t get back in with a key.

Rekeying will make getting into your home with an old key impossible. It’s a quick, simple and affordable way to put the past behind you and improve security at your home.

If it’s really and finally over between you and someone else, it’s time to rekey.

Rekey Locks When A Roommate Left the Premises

Rekey your locks when a roommate leaves

If you’re someone who rents out space in your home, you should know that rekeying when a tenant leaves will be the smartest thing that you can do. You’ll feel much safer when you know that the old tenant can’t use his or her key to get in. Even if the key was handed back to you on the day that the tenant moved out, he or she may be have copied it, even if that’s against your rules.

You cannot be too careful, so be sure to have your locks rekeyed as soon as a tenant leaves. It’s a great home security habit to get into.

Book a Lock Rekeying Service Today

Now that you know 6 very good reasons to rekey home locks, why not book a lock rekeying service today? Just call us or email us and we’ll schedule this service at a time that is convenient for you.

At NewGen Locksmith, we love making the homes of our clients safer. So, why not connect with our team today?

How to Unlock a Bathroom Door Lock

How to unlock a bathroom door lock

It’s all too easy to accidentally lock a bathroom door and closing it behind you without noticing. When this happens, a bathroom will be empty, but locked. This type of lockout will sometimes happen at the worst possible moment, such as when there is a house full of people! If you’re wondering how to unlock bathroom door lock, you’re at the right place, we are going to show you 4 tricks to unlock bathroom door locks using items found in your home.

There’s never a good time to get locked out of a home bathroom. This can also happen in rest rooms which are found in office buildings, commercial spaces and industrial spaces.

If you have locked yourself out of a bathroom, don’t worry too much. We’re here to help you fix the problem…fast.

When you use our expert tips, you’ll be able to unlock bathroom locks and get back into it in no time, without damaging your door or door lock.

Before we talk about the best quick fixes for these annoying and all-too-common types of lockouts, let’s discuss the two main forms of bathroom locks.

After we share information about these locks, we’ll provide you with tips on how to unlock each of the most popular forms of bathroom locks.

  • Push Hole Bathroom Door Locks
    A push hole lock features a button on the inside of the door. When the button is pushed, the door locks. There is a hole in the outside door knob.
  • Turning Tab Bathroom Door Locks
    A turning tab lock comes with a tab on the inside. The tab locks when it’s turned to the right or left. The door knob on the outside comes with a slot.

How to Unlock Bathroom Locks with a Push Hole

To take care of a lockout which involves a push hole lock, you’ll need a simple tool, which is a typical paperclip. Once you find a wire paperclip, unfold its flexible metal material so that you may use it as a lock-picking tool.

How to unlock bathroom lock with a paperclip

Unlocking bathroom lock with a paperclip

Next, take your unfolded paper clip and put it into the hole which is found in the middle of the doorknob. After you do this, push the paperclip’s tip into the hole. Try to keep the paperclip wire as straight as you can.

If it does remain straight, you should feel something inside, which is the bathroom lock unlock button

To get back in your bathroom, apply some pressure until you hear a click, and then you’ll be able to turn the doorknob.

How to Unlock Bathroom Locks with a Turning Tab

A turning tab lock may also be called a “twist-button” lock. If you’re locked out of your bathroom and there is a turning tab lock, you should grab a flathead screwdriver from your tool kit.

How to unlock bathroom lock with a screwdriver

Unlocking bathroom lock with a screwdriver

If you don’t own one, you’ll find that there are affordable screwdrivers of this type available at hardware stores and other types of retailers.

Once you have the right type of screwdriver, insert it into the slot which is found on the outer doorknob. Keep the flathead screwdriver as straight as you can. After it’s fully inserted, turn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Your turning speed should be slow.

Usually, a quarter turn of the screwdriver is more than enough to unlock the bathroom door. If you turn your screwdriver even more and your door still isn’t opening, your screwdriver may not be the right size for the job.

It’s possible that the internal slot which is made to open the door requires a different size and style of screwdriver. Try a different size or call our locksmith company for pro assistance.

Bonus: Same, like the screwdriver, you can also unlock bathroom turning tab locks with a coin!

How to unlock bathroom lock with a coin

Unlocking bathroom lock with a quarter

Does Your Bathroom Lock Have a Key Hole?

Finally, If you are locked out of a bathroom with a key hole, consider grabbing a disposable slightly-rigid plastic card such as a low balance gift card, the card may be damaged in the process, so use your credit card as last resort. This technique can be used to unlock all of the above types of locks.

How to unlock bathroom lock with a credit card

Unlocking bathroom lock with a credit card

Certain doorknobs may be opened with credit cards. You’ll feel like 007 as you slide your credit card into the bathroom door crack. You are aiming at the latch, trying to force it inwards. Tilt your card. The side which is nearest you should touch the doorknob or almost touch it. If you managed to push in the latch, the bathroom door should open immediately.

This trick can be very effective. However, in some cases, a credit card may not work.

In conclusion, there are many different ways to unlock a bathroom lock using everyday items found at home.

In case you are not able to unlock your bathroom door using one of these methods – don’t panic. Call us up and we’ll get you back inside of the bathroom.

We offer emergency house lockout service which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. At NewGen Locksmith, we don’t overcharge for our lockout services and they are so easy to access.

Just call or email us today and we’ll send a skilled locksmith out to your location, for affordable rates. You will love our workmanship, prices and caring customer service.

How to Choose the Best Door Lock

How to choose the best door lock? This question is very popular among our customers. Locks on front doors function as “first lines of defense” against intruders. To create the strongest line of defense possible, you should be sure that your home’s front door is equipped with a lock that is first-rate.

With so many choices out there in the marketplace, you may not be sure how to choose the best door lock. There is where we come in.

With your personal safety in mind, we’re here to help you narrow the field…and then make a final decision! Our tips and hard facts are designed to take the guesswork out of choosing an appropriate lock.

The right door locks really deliver in terms of security, performance, durability, convenience and affordability.

Don’t Become a Statistic

According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, three hundred and sixty-five thousand homes were broken into in America in 2015. Many of these crimes happened in broad daylight. Total losses from home burglaries added up to 14.3 billion dollars.

Every thirteen seconds during 2015, a home was robbed in the USA.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. However, they are not always as safe as we think they are. Installing high-security door locks will help you to keep criminals out.

Even homeowners who have home alarm systems should make a point of installing premium door locks. Home alarm systems are just not enough.

Basic Facts About Door Locks

The two main categories of door locks are deadbolts and doorknobs/door levers. Both are common choices for back doors and front doors. Deadbolts offer higher security than doorknobs and door levers.

If you want the strongest line of defense, choosing a deadbolt will be a smart and safe option.

There are a couple of types of deadbolts (or handle sets) and they are single-cylinder and double-cylinder.

Single-cylinder deadbolts (or handle sets) operate via keys from the outside. They don’t require keys for locking and unlocking from the interiors of properties. With these home security products, doors are locked or unlocked via levers of the thumb-turn type.

Double-cylinder deadbolts (and handle sets) do need keys for locking and unlocking, from the outside and inside of properties. Locks of the double-cylinder type don’t have “thumb-turn” mechanisms.

Single-cylinder styles are more commonplace than double-cylinder styles. The main reasons why people buy single-cylinder deadbolts is because they are efficient and affordable. They generally work as they should and they are less expensive to buy and install, versus double-cylinder deadbolts.

Why Buy a Double-cylinder Deadbolt or Handle Set?

If enhancing security is your main priority, choosing a double-cylinder deadbolt of handle set will be a wise decision. This is especially true if your home doors feature panels made from glass or have windows which are within arm’s reach. When you choose a double-cylinder deadbolt for your exterior doors, there won’t be thumb-turns.

This means that criminals can’t reach inside of your home and unlock your doors by hand, via windows that they’ve smashed.

What About Lock Grades?

Locks are not a daily purchase. Most people buy them because they’ve purchased new homes or because they have home renovations going on. Locks are also bought after home break-ins. A lot of people think about the appearance of locks, rather than their function. This is a mistake. It’s vital to consider function. A lock must be of excellent quality.

Lock quality is determined by lock grade. After you select your preferred type of lock (and desired lock grade), you’ll probably select the same type of lock for a range of areas of your home. The exterior doors may or may not require different types of locks/lock grades.

Locks are graded from 1 to 3. A typical deadbolt for a residential door will have a grade of 1, 2 or 3. Grade 1 is the best grade in terms of security. Grade 2 is the second best and Grade 3 is the third best. That’s simple to understand, right?

We recommend deadbolts with one-inch “throws”. Door locks should be tough enough to handle an array of daily wear and tear.

Let Us Install Your New Door Locks

At Newgen Locksmith, we’re door lock and deadbolt experts. If you want guidance about which door locks/deadbolts to buy, as well as professional installation after you buy, we’re the right people to talk to.

We provide our customers with a wide assortment of deadbolt, handle set and doorknob options. We offer styles with a variety of finishes and lock grades. Also, we’re pleased to offer smart keypad lock systems which are very secure, while also offering the ultimate in ultra-modern convenience.

To connect with us, call today or request a quote via the convenient online form at our website. We look forward to helping you beef up home security with the most dependable, affordable and secure door locks and deadbolts.

Rekey Locks Or Replace Locks, Which Is Better?

Should You Replace Locks Or Rekey Locks?

Before you decide whether or not you should replace locks or rekey locks, you should talk to a professional locksmith. A locksmith with the right skills and experience will be able to let you know which process makes more sense. Replacing locks costs more and in many cases, it’s not necessary. Rekey locks will be enough to restore security at a home or commercial space.

If you’re not familiar with the rekey locks procedure and its money-saving benefits, a local locksmith with a good reputation will be able to let you know whether or not it’s a good option at your property. To help you learn more, we’d like to share some important facts…

What Is Lock Rekeying, Anyway?

When a locksmith rekeys locks, he removes the security pins that correspond to the existing key, which are found within the cylinders of the lock, and then replaces them with new security pins. These new security pins will only work with a new key. If your lock is in good working order, a locksmith should have no trouble rekeying it. Once he performs the rekeying process, the old key for the lock won’t work. This is great, as anyone who has that key won’t be able to get in!

Rekey locks is a cost-effective option. It’s usually a good choice, unless a lock is damaged, broken or the owner wants a new lock installed. Locks which are rekeyed by experts locksmiths with years of experience and the right tools, equipment and training will function as well as the old locks did, and in some cases, even better.

Why Go for Rekeying?

Do it to boost security! Most people who opt for rekey locks do so because they are new owners of properties. They do it to maintain complete control over keys. For example, if you’ve bought a home, there may be people who have keys to your property without your even realizing it. Examples include realtors, contractors, friends of the former homeowners, neighbors, maids, etc. You need to ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to your home. When you have your locks rekeyed, the old keys will no longer work and you’ll be much safer.

When you ask a dedicated and highly-rated local locksmith to rekey your home locks, any master pins which remain will be removed by the locksmith. After they are removed, there will be no way for people to get in, unless they get their hands on your new home key. Also, as a bonus, when a locksmith rekeys locks in your home or business, he or she will be able to inspect the locks and how they were installed. Sometimes, problems with locks or lock installation are not apparent to homeowners and some of these problems may negatively impact home security. These issues may be corrected by a talented locksmith with the right experience level. As well, a locksmith will lubricate locks when rekeys them. This tends to improve lock operation and life expectancy.

If a home lock is in very poor condition, a locksmith may recommend replacement.

Should You Rekey Locks Yourself?

We think you shouldn’t. We know that certain lock manufacturers are now selling locks which may be rekeyed by their owners. These types of locks are different from typical home locks. They aren’t standard pin tumbler lock designs. These newfangled locks have so many complex parts! They are much more likely to malfunction. Also, they present a real risk to home security, because they are simpler to bypass.

Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the skills of a real locksmith. Rekeying is an example. It should be done by someone who works on locks for a living.

What About Lock Replacement?

Now and then, locks do need replacement. They wear out to the point where rekeying is not an option. Also, sometimes, people want to upgrade to better locks, such as high-security designs. Upgrading to high-quality locking hardware is a smart decision. It will increase home security.


People may want new locks because they want more attractive locks. There are people who don’t like the look of their existing locks and want new ones. The most attractive lock styles are keypad locks. They are locks that people like to look at and they are also very simple to operate, versus regular doorknobs. Electronic locks and smart locks have become super popular in recent years, and they eliminate the need of keys all together.

Call a Locksmith Today

If you want to decide between lock replacement and rekey locks, call NewGen Locksmith today. If replacement is what’s best, you should know that we will be able to offer you lock hardware which is way better than what you will find at a hardware store.