Commercial Locksmith Services

Business security has always been a concern for business owners, and maintaining up-to-date office security is essential to keep your business up and running. Basic security starts with your door locks and our commercial locksmith professionals are best equipped to service you for all your locksmith needs.

NewGen provides top quality professional commercial locksmith services of all types of businesses. We’ve serviced countless local businesses in the area for numerous locksmith services such as lockouts, lock replacements, rekey lock services and more. We specialize in high security commercial locks and access control locks including keypad locks, card readers and fingerprint scanner locks.

  • Business Lockout Service
  • Change Locks
  • Rekey Locks
  • Master Key Systems
  • Card Reader Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • High Security Locks
  • File Cabinet Locks
  • Panic Exit Device

Our day to day commercial locksmith services include routine maintenance, commercial lock changes of doorknobs, door handles and deadbolts. You wouldn’t believe how many business owners and managers call us for a lockout service. This usually happens when an employee forgets or looses the storefront key, or if someone accidentally locked the door and stepped out an office room without the keys.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Service

Beyond keeping your business secure, we know the importance of being able to access your business at all times. If you lost your keys or locked them inside the business and you are locked out, call us for our emergency commercial lockout service. Our emergency commercial locksmith team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type of commercial lockout. Call now to get back into your business.

Most lockouts occur during opening and closing hours, however, because we are farmiliar with different types of businesses operating at different business hours, we are prepared for lockouts throughout the entire day and night.

Emergency commercial lock replacement is a service we provide in a moment’s notice as well. It is advisable to replace or rekey your locks in case of employee turnover. If you had to let someone go, or had any staff changes, you may not want to take any chances that the security of your business may be compromised and you should change your locks. We are able to rekey the locks which means changing the key, without changing the locks.

Commercial Lock Replacement

We offer a wide range of commercial locks that are sure to fit any type of commercial door. Storefronts require robust locks for enhanced security, to keep your business safe after hours, while allowing smooth entry for incoming customer traffic. Interior rooms such as offices and storage are equally important in terms of security and entry/exit functions.

Businesses usually call our commercial locksmiths for a lock change when their locks stop working, however, it’s wise to call us beforehand, when the lock is giving you issues such as sticking or jamming. If any of your locks are not working properly, give us a call to replace them. We usually match the same type of lock you currently have installed and replace it with an equivalent, however, we are also able to upgrade to stronger grade locks and high security as well.

Commercial Lock Rekey and Master Key Systems

Our commercial locksmith rekey services are ideal for businesses that had a key compromised or lost, and instead of replacing the locks, we can reconfigure the cylinder to accept a new key, and make sure the old key does not work anymore. The advantages of a rekey over replacing the locks is that when you rekey a lock, you can keep the existing hardware, reducing the cost substantially. Not all commercial locks can be rekeyed, some need to have their cylinder or lock replaced.

Master Key systems optimal for large organizations such as large offices, schools and government. A master key is a key that can open multiple locks, while each lock has its own unique key. Master key systems are popular in all types of businesses, big or small, and makes key control and access management really easy and simple.

High Security Commercial Locks For Your Business

You care about the security of your business, there’s no question about it. We care too! If your business security is important to you, you may want to upgrade your current locks to high security commercial locks. High security locks are the toughest and strongest locks available, keeping your business safe and secure.

You may not have been aware of the types of commercial locks you currently have on your business’s doors, and took them for granted when you moved in. Now, after you’ve given it some thought, are you satisfied with the level of security your locks offer? Did you select them or did your facility come with basic, standard locks? Ask one of our commercial locksmiths for an evaluation on your lock’s security level.

The advantages of high security commercial locks are in their superior quality and material grade. High security locks such as Medeco and Mul-T-Lock cannot be picked, and are drill-proof, making it extremely hard to break into. What’s unique for high security locks is that their key restrictions, meaning you cannot duplicate a key without proper identification, so no one can copy your keys without you knowing.

Card Reader Locks, Fingerprint Scanners and Keypads

Today’s innovative world and advancement of gadgets have reached the world of locks and security as well. Keyfob and card reading locks are essential for employee access control in terms of entry management, restricted area control, and entry log monitoring. Keypad locks are convenient for restricted areas, as you can only enter if you posess a code to unlock the door. Nowadays, there are keypad locks that are connected to your smartphone device and you can control the lock remotely, and with a combination of a security camera, you can even monitor in real time who unlocks a door at any time!

These advanced locks are common in large-sized businesses that manage tens and hundereds of employees, however, many small businesses take advantage of these new technology options in their business security.

Commercial Lock Repair and Commercial Lock Installation

Since commercial locksmith security is diverse, there are no ‘one size fits’ all installation process. Systems are based on the security requirement and location of a business. Therefore, it is imperative that installation be done by specialized professionals of each particular lock system.

Many businesses require a specific type of lock or exit device installed on their door to meet building code requirements and/or corporate specs. If you have the lock hardware needed for your business, we can install it for you.

Along with installations of new hardware, we also repair and fix existing commercial locks and hardware. In high traffic areas, locks and door hardware can get quite a beating, and wear out over time, causing lock failure, and even lockouts. Before you hurry into replacing your broken door locks, call us first to see if we can repair or fix them. Replacing a missing spring or fixing a broken actuator is more more cost effective than replacing a lock.