Business Lockout Service

Why We Make An Unexpected Business Lockout Easy For You

Don’t lose your cool when your business doors are locked, NewGen Locksmith can brighten your situation with our business lockout service, available 24 hours a day for any type of business. No need to lose a day’s work, we are the best locksmith solution for these types of scenarios. We are available on short notice for immediate service for business lockouts as we understand the importance and impact of a locked door on a business.

Nothing is more important than keeping a business up and running, and that means an open door for workers and customers. In case of a business lockout where your storefront is closed or interior doors are locked, and you don’t have a key, it can be tricky to get the doors open. With the right tools and expertise, we can get you back in without permanent damage to your doors, getting your business up and running in no time!

Business Lockout For Locked Storefront Door

This usually happens early in the morning when you or the first employee arrives to the business and either the key doesn’t work or the key has been lost. Depending on the type of lock, we normally are able to pick the lock, or use an air jack to get it open. In cases of an above-the-average commercial lock or a high security lock, we may need to extract the cylinder and replace it later after we got you back in.

Office Lockouts and Storage Lockouts

On occasion, a door to an interior door such as an office space or storage room will lock, and most of the times the keys will be left inside. This normally happens when you push the little button on the inside part of the doorknob and leave your office, or when you left the keys on a shelf in the storage room and stepped out. Interior door locks are usually easier to pick, depending if they are residential-grade or commercial grade. The process is the same though for unlocking a front door. Our first approach is to pick the lock, if that fails, then we try an air jack, and at last resort, we extract the cylinder. If you’re locked out of your office, or locked the keys inside the storage room, call us for quick and professional service.

Lock Not Working So I Need Business Lockout Service

Beyond human error of losing or forgetting the keys, there are several reasons you may find yourself locked out of your business. Sometimes old locks break and simply fail. You’ll put your key in the cylinder, and it either won’t turn or will turn but won’t unlock the lock. In some cases we may be able to fix it, in most cases we’ll have to replace the entire lock.

If the key to your door lock is damaged or broken, and won’t go into the lock cylinder or turn it, you may have to replace the cylinder or lock, depending on the type of lock.

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