Commercial Rekey Locks Service

Commercial rekey locks service is one of our most popular services that we offer for businesses. Our skilled and dedicated locksmiths have years of experience rekeying commercial of the most popular and respected lock manufacturers. We rekey basic locks which are quite simple, as well as the most advanced high-security locks (and everything in between!).

If you’re a business owner and you want tighter security, hiring us to rekey your commercial locks will be a smart decision. Business owners hire us for commercial rekey locks service for numerous reasons. Some call us after staff turnover and don’t want employees who’ve left (or been fired) to be able to enter their premises. Another reason to hire us for commercial rekey locks service is because intruders have broken in to their businesses. Also, business owners may call us if they lose their keys or one of their staff members does.

As a business owner, you need to keep an eye on operating costs all of the time and this is why you should choose our company today. We’ll provide you with the professional and prompt commercial rekeying services that you need, for the most competitive prices.

It’s always best to choose a locksmith company that’s been around for years for commercial locks rekey service. There’s just no substitute for experience. Locksmiths with tons of experience know the ropes and get things done efficiently, without missing any steps. We’ve been in business for almost a decade and our locksmiths have loads of experience with rekeying and all other commercial locksmith services.

Commercial Rekey Locks Service

The process of rekeying is as the following. After inspecting the types of locks you have for your business and keyways, we remove the locks from the doors and take the cylinder apart from the doorknobs and deadbolts. Inside the cylinders there are security pins that match your keys, which we replace to match a new key using our rekey kit. After replacing the security pins, you can rest assure that the old keys won’t work any longer for your business locks. Since hardware, knobs and levers don’t have to be replaced, our rekeying service will an affordable way to beef up security at your business, without needing to shell out for lock replacement.

If compromised keys become an occurring issue, and you find yourself in a situation of lost keys, or in need of commercial rekey locks service too often, we recommend switching your locks to high security commercial locks because they have restricted keys. Restricted keys means that no copies can be made without authorization from the business owner, and that way you can keep track of how many keys are in circulation.

Many business owners in the community rely on our company whenever they need commercial rekey locks service and any other type of commercial lock services. We value the relationships that we’ve built with business owners and we’d like to build a relationship with you, too!