Residential Locksmith Services

We offer 24 hours residential locksmith services for whichever service type you may require for your house or apartment. Our friendly and professional locksmith service is up and ready for all jobs and tasks regarding your home locks and security.

  • House Lockouts
  • Lock Rekey
  • Change Locks
  • Fix/Repair Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Smart Locks
  • Broken Key Removal

Our most popular services are residential lock change service, house lockouts and rekey locks.
More and more customers are switching from standard locks to keypad locks, which you can unlock using a pin code or even your smartphone.

We promise to provide honest and reliable residential locksmith service at affordable prices to all of our customers. Give us a call now to schedule a locksmith visit.

House Lockout Service

House lockout service requests are the most common residential locksmith service job we carry out. It’s an unfortunate situation for our customers, however, we do our best to brighten up your day and get you back into your home in the quickest and professional manner possible.

Anyone can get locked out of their house, it happens to the best of us too! When leaving our homes, we have the habit of turning or pressing the little cap on the back of the doorknob, locking the door and shutting it behind us when we leave. Regretfully, in times of a hurry, or if we’re in a rush, we discover that we locked the door, left the keys inside and need a lockout service.

House lockouts occur also when you lost your keys, they broke or if you forgot them at work or at a friend/family member. It may be too far or too late to reach out to get the keys, which is why our residential lockout service extends past normal business hours. You can reach us virtually anytime.

Lucky for you, our residential locksmith service team members are experts in residential locks and any type of situation involving a locked door. We have several ways of opening a locked door, our first approach is to try and pick the lock. With the use of special lockpicking tools we are able to manipulate the lock cylinder into thinking the correct key was inserted into the lock, thus allowing us to turn the cylinder, and unlocking the door. Picking a lock may seem like an easy CIA spy trick, however, it does require skill and experience to successfully pick a lock.

We wish we could pick every lock, but if picking a lock is unsuccessful, for various reasons such as having a high security lock, a worn-out cylinder, a dirty cylinder, extreme pin combination or wrongful installation to begin with, we then try to unlock the door using an air jack. What we refer to as an air jack are the same air-wedge pillows we use for unlocking vehicles. At its deflated state, we slide it between the door and the door frame, close to the door latch, and start pumping air into it. If the door is not too tight, and the hinges have given it a little over time, we may be able to create a small enough gap to insert a screwdriver to push the latch of the doorknob inwards, to open the door.

If lockpicking and the air jack options are not available, we then proceed to extract the cylinder. We then drill, using a small drill bit, a precise hole through the cylinder into the pin cage that holds the security pins holding the cylinder from turning. The objective is to break the security pins, one by one, to allow the key plug to turn freely inside the cylinder. Once this is complete properly, turning the cylinder with the help of a small screwdriver should unlock the door. Drilling the lock is our least-favorite method, as it involves replacing either the cylinder or lock afterwards. Our goal is to get you back into your house in the quickest and most cost-effective method.

Every now and then we get a call from a customer who’s key broke inside the lock. This usually happens on deadbolts, when you either use the wrong key, or if the lock cylinder is worn out and you try to force your way in. If your key broke inside your lock and you can’t get in, call us for residential broken key removal service.

Residential Lock Change Service

When moving to a new house, our recommendation is to replace your door locks or at minimum rekey the cylinders. Before your moved in, it’s sure to assume that many individuals had access or possessed a copy of your house keys. Usually realtors make a copy for themselves, or leave a copy in a lock box for other potential residents, along with contractors. Previous tenants or neighbors may still have a copy of the key too. To make you feel safe and secure, and to make the process of moving in as pleasant as possible, as part of our residential locksmith service, we offer move-in specials for replacing your door locks.

Upon arrival, we first examine the types of locks you currently have on your doors so we can either match them with new ones, or suggest you with alternatives and upgraded security locks. Most customers are satisfactory with the standard level of lock security; however, we offer high security residential locks as well as keypad locks.

Our mission is to find you the right lock for your door that will secure you, match your budget goals and personal style that will compliment your doorway.

Residential Rekey Locks

Similar to changing a lock, when you rekey a lock cylinder, the end result is the same; the old key will not unlock your doors anymore. Our residential locksmith service for rekeying a lock is more cost effective than replacing locks. Instead of replacing the entire lockset, we only re-pin, or rearrange the security pins sequence, to match a brand-new key. This allows you to keep the existing hardware. Rekeying is a popular choice to regain home security if the keys were lost or stolen, and if you’ve already paid for expensive locks, there’s no need to replace the whole lock.

Another reason to rekey a deadbolt or a rekey a doorknob is when it starts acting up and doesn’t function as well as it used to. If the turning motion is not smooth, or if the key is sticking and you need to jiggle with it a little to get it to unlock the door, it’s time for a maintenance inspection before finding yourself locked out. If a lock is too worn out to be rekeyed, we’ll recommend to replace it.

The price for a rekey starts at $29 per cylinder depending on the type of lock and level of security. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Keypad Locks and Smart Locks

Nowadays technology is more reachable in the form of gadgets, and this includes our house locks as well. More and more customers are using our residential locksmith service to switch to keypad locks and smart locks that you can control via your smartphone for their home security. The benefits of electronic locks over standard locks with a key are obvious. Firstly, there’s no need for keys. It’s much easier punching a pin code into a keypad instead of getting your keys out of your pocket or bag, finding the right one, and inserting it into the cylinder. The keypad locks have an option of illuminated buttons for when it’s dark. No keys also means you can’t get locked out, all you need to remember is your pin code.

Most Smart Locks are equipped with a keypad as well with an app control to enable remote locking and unlocking via a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet. They alert you when someone unlocks the door as well. The smart locks are able to integrate with your home security system via Wi-Fi, on the Z-Wave or ZigBee networks. It’s a great addition to your home security network.

While the price for a keypad lock starts around $220, the price for a smart lock that connects to your phone starts roughly around $400. For inquiries and free estimates, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.