High Security Door Locks Installation Service

Your home is your biggest investment. This is why home security should be your top priority. To help homeowners stay safe and to help them protect their properties and possessions, we provide residential high security door locks installation. When you hire our company, you’ll know that you’re hiring an established and reputable locksmith company. We have extensive experience installing high security locks from an array of trusted manufacturers.

Our dedicated locksmiths provide high quality installation for these state-of-the-art locks that need to be installed perfectly in order to offer the highest level of protection.

What Is A High Security Lock Door Lock?

High security door locks have higher security ratings. In order to be considered a “high security” lock, a lock needs to be harder to defeat than a lock with a standard (i.e. lower) security rating. Since high security locks have more security features, they tend to cost more and they may also require installation which is more involved than it would be for locks with lower security ratings.

Three common features of high security locks are manipulation resistance, forced entry resistance and key control. Manipulation resistance means they are pick resistant locks. When high security locks have manipulation resistance built in, it’s also harder for criminals to use “key bumping” and other processes which help them to unlock locks. High security locks with manipulation resistance features include extra security pins and a more sophisticated mechanism that cannot be tampered with.

Forced entry resistance high security door locks means these locks are made from the toughest materials so they won’t bend or break, and are crafted from drill resistant materials.

Key control makes it harder to duplicate keys. Typically, more security identification will be required before duplicate keys may be made.

Best High Security Door Locks

The best high security door locks include brand names like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock and Kenaurd. These heavy duty residential high security door locks will provide you with the security and sense of safety that cannot be gained with standard locks. These locks deter intruders from the beginning; just by looking at these locks, people know they cannot mess around with them, and cannot break in.

If you’re ready to add high security locks, you’re making a smart decision. They offer more protection against burglaries, home invasions and other common crimes. In this respect, they are well worth the money. As well, high security locks typically last for a long time, as long as they are installed correctly and maintained as directed by the manufacturer.

We are ready to install your residential high security locks. Call us or book online and we’ll send an expert locksmith out to your location, whether you need emergency assistance or want locks installed during typical business hours.