House Lockout Service

Get the Best Emergency Lockout Service With Us

You’re ready to leave your house, you grab your wallet, phone and bag, you rushed out of the house, and it’s at the exact moment the door shuts, you realized you forgot something very essential – your house keys. You’re locked out of your house and there’s no way to get in. We’ve been in that position ourselves and we know how it feels. No need to panic, our emergency house lockout team is here for the rescue.

NewGen Locksmith’s quick and professional house lockout service ensures you getting back into your home, pronto! Our expert locksmiths are masters in lock picking which is our first approach in unlocking a door. If a lock cannot be picked for any reason, we try to pry the door open with a gentle air jack that allows us to retract the latch from the outside to open the door. If none of those options work, we are then forced to extract the cylinder as a last resort, and that will guarantee entry.

Although locking the keys inside the house is the number one reason for house lockout service calls, there are several other scenarios that may cause you to get locked out such as broken or damaged keys that won’t unlock the door, damaged or broken lock that has deteriorated over time, or losing the keys.

For whichever reason you find yourself locked out of your home, don’t stress over it, our dedicated locksmith team is available for immediate assistance.

What Should I Do In Case Of A House Lockout?

  • Stay calm! Keep breathing. The way out of this predicament is to not over-react.
  • Did you hide a spare key under the mat or under a flower pot? Try to remember if and where you may have hidden it.
  • Have you made a safety spare key for your mother like she asked you to do? If she does have a key, then this will be a blessed “I told you so”.
  • Don’t stay outside. Seek shelter from the hot/cold weather in your car or at a neighbor’s house.
  • Call NewGen Locksmith for emergency house lockout service.

What I Should Not Do In Case Of House Lockout?

  • Don’t panic! Sometimes the doorknob and deadbolt have a separate key, and you may have tried unlocking the doorknob with the deadbolt’s key, or vice versa.
  • Do not try breaking in. The damage you can cause the lock will cost more in repairs than a house lockout service, and you may end up damaging the door itself if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Do not try to force your way in through the door. It may seem easy in the movies, but most people dislocate their shoulders when trying to smash their way in, or hurt their knees when trying to kick down the door. A properly installed lock can withstand Average Joe’s forced attempts.

Tips To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of The House

  • Always lock the door from the outside using a key, it’s a bad habit to lock it from the inside.
  • Make a spare key and hide it, there are Fake Rocks available online that are great for hiding spare keys, just got to remember which rock is yours!
  • It’s always a good idea to keep a spare key with a family member, friend or neighbor you trust.
  • Consider upgrading your locks to Smart Locks that unlock by punching a pin code on a keypad.

If you are on this page, you are probably locked out while reading these sentences, and it’s time to end your distress and get you back into your home. For prompt and reliable house lockout service, call NewGen Locksmith now.

Why Choose Us For House Lockout Service?

  • We have years of experience, dealing with all the different types of residential locks.
  • Our 24 hour dependable house lockout service makes us the right choice for you no matter what time you’re locked out.
  • A lockout won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our affordable prices are the best in the area.
  • 10% discount coupon available for customers finding us online.