Keypad Locks & Smart Locks

Nowadays more and more home owners are replacing their locks to keypad locks and smart locks. The whole idea behind installing a smart lock is to eliminate the need of a key. Access to your home or office is easy with a few button presses or via an app on your smartphone device. NewGen Locksmith is the leading locksmith company when it comes to professional keypad and smart lock installations. We offer a wide range of brands and different types of keypad locks for different applications. If you’re tired of your keys and want an easy, hassle free, smart solution for your home security, then call us for a keypad lock installation service.

The “key’ benefit of a keypad lock is convenience. It’s a keyless entry system. Authorized persons may enter a premises if they have the right code. When you choose a keypad, you’ll be able to stop worrying about stolen or lost keys. Entering a code on the keyless lock’s touch-pad will be just like adding a PIN number at an ATM. It’s fast, simple and convenient. Most people prefer it to fumbling with keys.

Also, keyless locks make it harder for intruders to enter homes or businesses. This means that the risk of illegal entry will go down when you choose our keypad lock installation service. Anyone who wants to get in your home will need to know the access number that you’ve chosen.

Keypad Locks vs. Smart Locks

When it comes to choosing between a keypad lock and smart lock there are several factors to consider. A keypad lock at its simplest form has a keypad, that whenever someone enters the correct pin code, the lock unlocks. Some keypad locks are more advanced than others, equipped with lighted buttons for when it’s dark, battery life LED indicators and an auto-locking function. A typical keypad lock can support several different user codes, and can be enabled/disabled at any time. Keypad locks are the most affordable of electronic locks as they are a standalone lock, without any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

Smart locks are the new wave and are the cutting edge in terms of home security. They feature high technology which gives homeowners the capacity to lock and unlock remotely. Electronic smart lock has the capabilities of a keypad lock with advanced features of controlling your lock remotely using your smartphone device. The smartphone integration allows you to see the status of the lock, if it’s locked or unlocked, and some smart locks let you know if the door is open or closed. Smart locks with Bluetooth enabled automatically unlock when you arrive home by detecting your smartphone, making it easier to enter your house when carrying items and your hands are full.

We definitely know which keypad locks offer the most advantages to our clients. Our popular brands include Kwikset, Schlage and August.

Keypad Locks Installation Service and Smart Locks Installation Service

Some keypad locks may seem easy to install, however, it can be a little tricky to replace an existing lock to a smart lock. The installation needs to be done properly, and without professional installation, a keypad may not function correctly. Most keypad locks are intuitive to operate, however, programing the codes, and configuring the smart lock to your smartphone can often be challenging. That’s why you should use our expertise for a flawless smart lock installation service. We’re up on all of the latest keypad locks and know how to professionally install keypad locks of all types.

Whether you want something basic and affordable or prefer a high-end keypad lock with all of the bells and whistles, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. We know that keypad locks are convenient options which help homeowners and business owners to beef up security at their properties. These types of locks do have a lot of advantages. However, keypad locks need to be installed with care. When properly installed, they’ll work well and last longer.