Residential Rekey Locks Service

Rekeying a lock is a fundamental skill for all locksmiths, and over the years we’ve become experts in residential rekey locks services. After many years of training, practice and experience, we are able to simplify the complexity of rekying a lock cylinder, and offer the best residential rekey locks service service available. We’ve been rekeying locks successfully since 2010 and we are your best choice when searching for a locksmith company to rekey your locks. Choose us for prompt, professional rekeying of deadbolt locks and entry locks. We provide rekeying services for the most competitive prices.

We know homeowners have a lot of expenses when it comes to home security, and that includes locks as well. They want an affordable solution to gain control over the gates of their home. Instead of replacing a locks, we offer a more economical solution of rekeying them. The advantages of residential rekey locks service over changing the lock is that rekey only changes the key, and lets you keep your existing locks. Please note that you can only rekey a lock if you have the existing key. If you don’t have a key, we can offer you to replace your locks.

There are many reasons for homeowners to rekey their locks. The most common reason is when moving into a place house, you are never sure of who had a copy of your key before you did. Realtors, contractors and old tenants are likely to have a set of keys to your house. It’s important to rekey your locks for maximum security. When we rekey their residential locks, we tighten up security. We give homeowners greater peace of mind.

Rekey Locks Service Explained

The simplified version of residential rekey locks service is that we take out the lock pins and replace them with brand-new pins. New pins mean that the locks will work with different keys. The old keys will no longer work.

The detailed explanation is as follows. After removing the lock from the door, when then disassemble the lock cylinder from the lock hardware such as the doorknob or deadbolt. When then take apart the lock cylinder, separating the key plug from the casing. Inside the lock there are many pins and springs that are part of the cylinder mechanism, which we need to be extremely careful and work meticulously without the springs jumping out of the casing. We use specialized locksmith tools for that exact purpose. After the key plug has been removed, we then can throw away the old security pins that matched the existing key you want to replace.

When we insert a new key into the key plug, we then match the plug with new rekeying security pins from our LAB rekey kit. Each security pins corresponds to a cut or notch in the key, and must match it perfectly so it’s flush with the shear line. The new security pins will only match the new key we provide, and will turn only when that key aligns all the security pins properly. After we’re confident with the alignment, we then reassemble the cylinder and put it back into the lock, and back on your door.

Best Residential Rekey Locks Service

Why pay for lock replacement when you just don’t have to? Residential rekey locks service is a more affordable way to beef up home security. We think that rekeying is a cost-effective solution that is perfect for most security-conscious homeowners. Your home is probably the largest investment that you’re ever going to make. Protecting your investment is essential. One of the most affordable ways to protect your home investment is rekeying of your residential locks.

We rekey residential locks during regular business hours and we also perform emergency rekeying on an as-needed basis. We have a locksmith on call so if you need emergency locksmith services at your home, don’t wait to get in touch. Just call us up and we’ll get a locksmith to you as soon as possible. Our locksmiths carry all of the most efficient and useful locksmith tools with them to be sure to be able to rekey any lock. Get a great deal on expert residential rekey locks service… book online or call us today!