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How To Find A Good Locksmith

A good locksmith company is going to be a reputable and established enterprise. If you’re looking around for how to find a good locksmith company, our tips will be beneficial. We’re here to help you choose the right locksmith. We also want to make it easy for you to avoid the bad apples in the […]

When to Replace a Door Lock

When a door lock functions as it should, it enhances home security. Now and then, door locks stop functioning as they should. When this happens, they need repairs or replacement. Until faulty or damaged door locks are repaired or replaced, they won’t provide the level of security that they were designed to provide. Locks which […]

6 Reasons Why Rekey Your Locks

George Pataki, the 53rd Governor of New York, said he believes that people who are safe in their homes have more freedom to pursue their dreams. We believe the same. With your home security in mind, we want to share 6 reasons to rekey your locks. When you discover the right times to rekey, you’ll […]

How to Unlock a Bathroom Door Lock

It’s all too easy to accidentally lock a bathroom door and closing it behind you without noticing. When this happens, a bathroom will be empty, but locked. This type of lockout will sometimes happen at the worst possible moment, such as when there is a house full of people! If you’re wondering how to unlock […]

How to Choose the Best Door Lock

How to choose the best door lock? This question is very popular among our customers. Locks on front doors function as “first lines of defense” against intruders. To create the strongest line of defense possible, you should be sure that your home’s front door is equipped with a lock that is first-rate. With so many […]

Rekey Locks Or Replace Locks, Which Is Better?

Before you decide whether or not you should replace locks or rekey locks, you should talk to a professional locksmith. A locksmith with the right skills and experience will be able to let you know which process makes more sense. Replacing locks costs more and in many cases, it’s not necessary. Rekey locks will be […]