When to Replace a Door Lock

When a door lock functions as it should, it enhances home security. Now and then, door locks stop functioning as they should. When this happens, they need repairs or replacement.

Until faulty or damaged door locks are repaired or replaced, they won’t provide the level of security that they were designed to provide. Locks which are in disrepair may put you at risk and may put your loved ones at risk.

As well, these types of old and/or damaged locks may put your possessions at risk.

Naturally, locks which need replacement will also put your home at risk and your home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make.

In the USA, a home is broken into every thirteen seconds, based on 2015 figures from the FBI. A door lock which needs replacement will never be an effective first line of defense against intruders.

Today, we’d like to share information about when to replace a door lock. Our facts and hard tips will take the guesswork out of deciding when to replace a door lock at your home or commercial space.

Before we begin, we should mention that the cost of door lock replacement is typically very reasonable. It’s a minimal expense which may just stop a home break-in!

If you want to get the inside scoop on when to replace a door lock, read on…

Replace Rusted or Worn Locks

We recommend regular inspections of door locks. You should be checking them out for signs of wear and tear. Keep an eye out for rust or general damage from daily usage. When door locks get old and/or rusted, they are much easier to break into. They are also harder to open with legitimate keys.

If you see rust, tarnish or other visible problems, it’s quite possible that lock replacement is the smartest way to go. Another telltale sign is that you’re finding it difficult to get your lock open on chillier evenings.

Repairs may be enough, but replacement is usually the best way to access a functional lock which is easy for you to use and difficult for criminals to break into.

Replace Locks After a Break-in

If your home has been broken into and/or robbed, you will need to replace your door locks. The sooner you do it, the better. Do not wait!

When a criminal gains illegal entry to your home, the shady character will use force. The degree of force is great enough to damage a door lock. When a door lock is damaged, it makes it easier for other criminals to rob your home. Also, it sets the stage for lock malfunctions which may leave you out on the street (i.e. locked out of your own house or condo).

Replace Locks When Keys are Stolen or Lost

If you want your home to be as secure as possible, you should always replace the door locks when keys get stolen or lost. If you want a cheaper option than lock replacement, you should know that lock re-keying is a cost-effective way to improve security, without needing to pay for lock replacement.

If you need to replace or re-key, begin the process with outdoor areas. After the outward areas are secure via lock replacement or re-keying, do the inner areas.

If you’re one of those people who tends to lose your keys on a regular basis, you may find that investing in a combination door lock is wise. One example is the SmartCode combination door lock. Open it by putting a code into the lock and then enjoy keyless convenience. Typically, combination locks also include keyed locks, just for backup.

With a combination door lock, you’ll be able to change your combination, rather than needing to re-key or replace.

Replace Locks If You Get a New Roommate

Do you rent space out in your home? If so, replace the locks (or have them re-keyed) whenever your tenants change. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, as you’ll know that old keys will no longer open the locks. Sometimes, tenants copy keys even when they are not supposed to. The only way to make sure that your locks are as secure as possible is to replace locks or re-key locks.

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